Baz Khuti

Baz Khuti

Co-Founder & CEO of QiO Technologies


A technology visionary with six industrial software patents, Baz has held executive leadership positions at GE, Emerson Electric and Invensys, now part of Schneider; and has over 30 years of technology experience across the UK, US and Asia.

Baz has a Master’s degree in computer science, brought to market software products from idea to industry leaders. Co-Founder & CEO of QiO Technologies which is helping to make Industry 4.0 vision become reality. QiO’s mission is to help our customers tear down the barriers to systemic predictive analytics – cost, complexity and consultant congestion – inciting engineers to unleash their experience and instinct in pursuit of unlocking trapped productivity.

QiO is a fast growing, UK-based software company, founded in 2015, now with 52 employees in six countries. QiO is focused on providing industrial clients with converged open platform encompassing – IoT, Big Data, AI and Mobility delivered on any cloud. QiO makes it viable to deliver advanced analytics, collaboration and systemic anticipation at scale – vertically (across the value chain) and horizontally (as designed, as manufactured, as operated).

Baz believes innovation occurs best through co-creation with customers and partners, at speed, while mentoring and coaching his clients’ software development and engineering teams to “Think Big, Start Small and Scale Fast”. His motive being to “liberate industrial engineers” from legacy vendor driven proprietary technologies and lock-in pricing models.