Charles Towers-Clark

Founder and CEO, Pod Group


Charles Towers-Clark is the Founder and CEO of Pod Group, a provider of connectivity and

billing software for the Internet of Things (IoT) established in 1999. A true entrepreneur and

relentless innovator, Charles has focused on structuring Pod Group to ensure that all

employees are involved in driving strategy and direction. His unique methodology, described in

his book “The W.E.I.R.D CEO” is based on a flat hierarchy whereby decision-making is pushed

down to individual employees, giving them more responsibility and autonomy over their work. In

a male-dominated sector, Charles is also pushing for gender equality with 50% women currently

employed across Pod Group’s six global offices (in the UK, Spain, the USA, Mexico, Nicaragua

and Hong Kong). Charles is a contributor and a regular speaker at industry events

on the future of work. He has been featured widely in the press discussing topics such as AI, the

future of tech and self-management in the digital age.

For more information about Charles and his W.E.I.R.D philosophy, please visit: